Interior Waterproofing

Affordable and Effective Basement Waterproofing

Interior Drain Tile

Basements, by nature, are difficult to waterproof. They are built out of porous materials such as cinder block, mortar, and concrete. While these materials may seem to be solid, without proper waterproofing, they will eventually leak. These materials will not keep water out, so we must drain it away.

This is why your home was built with a FOUNDATION DRAIN circling the perimeter. That FOUNDATION DRAIN (often referred to as Drain Tile or Footer Drains) was installed to capture ground water that builds up around your home, and divert it elsewhere.

Over time, these FOUNDATIONS DRAINS can get clogged and damaged, rendering them useless and no longer giving that troublesome water a place to go. Water simply follows the path of least resistance and when there is no longer an effective FOUNDATION DRAIN protecting your home, guess where the water ends up?? YOUR BASEMENT!!!!

Replacing the original FOUNDATION DRAIN requires extensive excavation around the outside of the home and can be very troublesome to replace, especially in highly residential areas or on homes that have attached decks, patios, porches, garages, or additions. This is why the INTERIOR DRAIN TILE SYSTEM was invented.

The INTERIOR DRAIN TILE SYSTEM serves the exact same purpose as your original FOUNDATION DRAIN: capture damaging water and drain it away from the foundation. The only difference: the INTERIOR DRAIN TILE SYSTEM is installed under your basement floor rather than 6 feet below your yard! This means less labor and ultimately saves you money.

Our INTERIOR DRAIN TILE SYSTEM comes with a LIFETIME TRANSFERRABLE WARRANTY. When we are done, you get a Warranty Certificate stating in very plain language that, "no water shall pass on to the basement floor..."

What more can you ask for!?!

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  • No outdoor excavation
  • Cost effective
  • Guaranteed to solve your water problem
  • System collects water from beneath concrete slab
  • Quietly drains water through main sections to basin
  • Sump pump in basin ejects the water from the basement
  • Water from sump pump diverted away from foundation